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November 21 2012

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666 !! p.s. the music to this game is worth it alone.
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November 18 2012

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November 16 2012

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November 10 2012

thank you all for coming *a small family of teddy bears in the audience*
man if i didn't turn everything i write into a joke it would sound like i'm on the verge of suic*digimon figurines drop and continously fall from the ceiling crushing me and gradually filling up the surface of planet earth*
oh i wish i was in texaas
the ocean's no place for a squirrelll
my day at work
"if this bag of pinecones don't ring up as 50% off so help you god"
"well tricks on you because theres pinecones outside dingdong"
*steps outside into a time shift of morphing geometric hyper shapes*
*pearl jam and/or creed voice* well i'm sooo flustuuuraateeeedehhuuhrhoohh yeahh haaayhhh comohomma oh weheh hohh weee commallamasoma yama cohwadeoohhrhghhyyrrrhhrmamemaremaemarroorareerohrrhohrreeerh
i have seen the future. the apocalypse is real. NAH we're good. ecco the motherfuckin dolphin everybody c'meeeere *falls into water on top of dolphin*
*handstand at top of tree* itsa me
daddy there's a man in this one
sir for the last time 
please get out of the christmas trees
have you ever tried to rap into a cup
well why not
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